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Hydra is affilliated with the following programs and organisations:

The Hydra coordinater FhG FIT is a member of ARTEMISIA, the association for R&D actors in the field of ARTEMIS: Advanced Research & Technology for EMbedded Intelligence and Systems.

The Hydra middleware allows developers to create inclusive applications with a high degree of accessibility for all. The Hydra project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion - be part of it!

The Hydra project is part of the Cluster of European projects on the Internet of Things. The Cluster aims to promote a common vision of the Internet of Things.

The Hydra project is co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme in the area of Networked Embedded Systems under contract IST-2005-034891

Why not see the on-line Hydrademo? You can turn on and off devices and follow the energy consumption in real time. Just click on the picture and you see it!

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Partner CNET
CNet Svenska AB

Partner FIT
The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology

Partner SIT
The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology

Partner IN-JET
In-JeT ApS, Denmark

Partner T-CON
T-Connect S.r.l.

Partner TID
Telefonica I+D SA

Partner UAAR
University of Aarhus

Partner INN
Innova S.p.A.

Partner UR
University of Reading

Partner SAG
Siemens AG, Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Partner TUK
Technical University of Kosice (Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics)

Partner UPB
University of Paderborn