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Hydra is affilliated with the following programs and organisations:

The Hydra coordinater FhG FIT is a member of ARTEMISIA, the association for R&D actors in the field of ARTEMIS: Advanced Research & Technology for EMbedded Intelligence and Systems.

The Hydra middleware allows developers to create inclusive applications with a high degree of accessibility for all. The Hydra project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion - be part of it!

The Hydra project is part of the Cluster of European projects on the Internet of Things. The Cluster aims to promote a common vision of the Internet of Things.

Articles Hierarchy
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The Hydra project has planned an extensive series of deliverables documenting the project results. A large number of these deliverables are available to the public and can be downloaded here.

The following list containts deliverables planned up to and including M50 of the project.

Deliverable title Delivery

D1.1 Project Initiation Document M1 R CO Finished
D1.2 Quality Manual M4 R RE Finished
D1.3 Draft 12-month progress and financial report M8 R CO Finished
D1.4a 12-month progress and financial report M12 R CO Finished
D1.4b 12-month progress and financial report M24 R CO Finished
D1.4c 12-month progress and financial report M36 R CO Finished
D1.5 Quarterly progress reports for the commission M15+3 R RE Ongoing
D2.1 Scenarios for usage of HYDRA in 3 different domains M5 R PU Download
D2.2 Initial technology watch report M2 R PU Download
D2.3 Initial regulatory-standards watch report M2 R PU Download
D2.4 Initial market watch report M2 R CO Finished
D2.5 Initial requirements report M5 R RE Finished
D2.6 Validation framework M9 R RE Finished
D2.7 Updated requirements report M30, M42 R PU Download
D2.8 Updated watch report M18, M30 R PU Download
D2.9 Requirements engineering process revisited M27 R CO Finished
D2.10 Change request and re-engineering report cycle 2 M27 R CO Finished
D2.11 Change request and re-engineering report from 3 M39 R CO Finished
D3.1 Existing applications, services, devices and standards M5 R PU Download
D3.2 Updated systems requirement report M12+6 R RE/PU Finished
D3.3 Draft of architectural design specification M8 R RE Finished
D3.4 Initial architectural design specification M18 R PU Download
D3.5 Update of existing applications, services, devices, etc. M19 R RE Finished
D3.6 Data Acquisition Component Report M20 R RE Finished
D3.7 Grid Architecture Report M21 R RE Finished
D3.8 Context Awareness Report M21 R RE Finished
D3.9 Updated System Architecture Report M22, M34 R RE Finished
D3.10 Final Data Acquisition Report M32 R RE Finished
D3.11 Final Context Awareness Report M32 R RE Finished
D3.12 Updated Grid Architecture Report M32 R RE Finished
D3.13 Application Developer Tools Report M42 R RE Finished
D3.14 Device Developer Tools Report M42 R RE Finished
D3.15 Final System Architecture Report M46 R RE Finished
D3.16 Final Context Awareness Report M44 R RE Finished
D3.17 Final Grid Architecture Report M44 R RE Finished
D4.1 Technical requirements specification M10 R PU Download
D4.2 Embedded service SDK prototype and report M18, M24 R PU Download
D4.3 Self-* properties SDK prototype and report M19, M30 P CO Finished
D4.4 Embedded AmI components prototype M20, M30 P CO Finished
D4.5 QoS-enabled Hydra middleware M24 P CO Finished
D4.7 Embedded Service DDK prototype and report M36 P PU Download
D4.8 Self-* properties DDK prototype and report M30 P PU Download
D4.9 Embedded AmI components prototype M44 P PU Download
D4.10 QoS Enabled Hydra middleware M32 P PU Download
D4.11 Consolidated Embedded Architecture Report M50 P PU Download
D5.1 Communication infrastructure requirements M7 R RE Finished
D5.2 Wireless communications M12 P RE Finished
D5.3 Draft of Wireless Network Implementation Description M18 R RE Finished
D5.4 Draft of Wireless Devices Integration Description M18 R RE Finished
D5.5 Device-to-Device Communication M18 R RE Finished
D5.6 Draft of Network Security Implementation Description M18 R RE Finished
D5.7 Wireless Network SDK Prototype M20 P RE Finished
D5.8 Draft of wireless device discovery and testing environ M27 R RE Finished
D5.9 Draft of wireless network DDK description M29 R RE Finished
D5.10 Wireless network DDK prototype M32 P RE Finished
D5.11 Draft of wireless network IDE description M42 R RE Finished
D5.12 Hydra Wireless networks and devices, Final Report M50 R RE Finished
D6.1 Quality Attribute Scenarios technical requirements M17, M29 R RE Finished
D6.2 MDA Design Document M18 R PU Download
D6.3 Semantic Web Services Design document M18 R PU Download
D6.4 Ontologies Prototype M20 P RE Finished
D6.5 SoA middleware components prototype M20 P RE Finished
D6.6 Updated MDA design document M36 R PU Download
D6.7 Ontologies maintenance/update tools prototype M32 P RE Finished
D6.8 SoA middleware components for DDK prototype M32 P RE Finished
D6.9 Device Ontologies maintenace/update tools prototype M44 P RE Finished
D6.10 SoA middleware components for the IDE prototype M44 P RE Finished
D6.11 Hydra SOA and Model-Driven Architecture, Final Report M50 R RE Finished
D7.1 Updates of security requirement specification M17, M28 R RE Finished
D7.2 Updates of virtualisation requirement specification M12 R RE Finished
D7.3 Security architectural models design specification M20 R RE Finished
D7.4 Enhanced Prototypes of security & privacy managers M22 P RE Finished
D7.5 Hydra Security Meta Model (update of D7.2) M23 R RE Finished
D7.6 Impact of architectural security implications M24 R RE Finished
D7.7 Security architectural models design specification M36 R RE Finished
D7.8 Security and privacy components for DDK prototype M32 R RE Finished
D7.9 Hydra security meta model (upd. D7.5) M34 R RE Finished
D7.10 Security and Privacy component for IDE prototype M44 P RE Finished
D7.11 Security in networked embedded systems M50 R RE Finished
D8.1 Test Plan M10 R RE Finished
D8.2 Integration Plan M20 R RE Finished
D8.3 Integrated Platform for SDK Demonstrator M22 P RE Finished
D8.4 Integrated prototype platform for DDK demonstrator M34 P RE Finished
D8.5 Semi-annual integration and quality assurance report M36+6 R RE Finished
D8.6 Integrated Platform and Report for IDE Prototype M46 R RE Finished
D9.1 Hydra middleware development platform M8 P CO Finished
D9.2 Building Automation domain requirements M8 R PU Download
D9.3 Healthcare domain requirements M12 R PU Download
D9.4 Agriculture domain requirements M12 R PU Download
D9.5 Proof of concept demonstrator M12 P CO Finished
D9.6 SDK Demonstrator M24 R CO Finished
D9.7 DDK Prototype Applications and Report M36 R RE Finished
D9.8 IDE Prototype Applications and Report M48 P RE Finished
D10.1 Validation Plan for Demonstrators M20 R PU Download
D10.2 Validation Report for SDK Demonstrator M26 R PU Download
D10.3 Validation Report for DDK Demonstrator M38 R PU Download
D10.4 Validation Report for IDE Demonstrator M48 R PU Download
D10.5 Business modelling concepts M18 R RE Finished
D10.6 Business models in Building Automation M42 R PU Download
D10.7 Business models in Healthcare M32 R PU Download
D10.8 Business models in Agriculture M44 R PU Download
D12.1 Internal technology workshops teaching material M4 R RE Finished
D12.2 External developers workshops teaching material M18 R PU Download
D12.3 External business modelling teaching material M24 R PU Download
D12.4 Combined Internal Training Material M24 R RE Finished
D12.5 External developers workshops teaching material M30 R PU Download
D12.6 Scenario thinking training M36 R PU Download
D12.7 Business modelling workshop teaching materials II M40 R PU Download
D12.8 Final Combined Internal Training materials M44 R PU Download
D12.9 Final External developers teaching materials M46 R PU Download
D12.10 Ethical considerations in the design of Hydra enabled services and applications M46 R PU Download
D13.1 Project website M3 P PU Download
D13.2 Dissemination strategy M6 R PU Download
D13.3 Dissemination coordination platform M6 P RE Finished
D13.4 Plans for contribution to standardisation work M12 R PU Download
D13.5 First draft of exploitation strategy Updated M12 R CO Finished
D13.6 Updated dissemination strategy M18 R PU Download
D13.7 Intermediate Dissemination and feedback report M18 R PU Download
D13.8 Updated Exploitation Strategy M21 R RE Finished
D13.9 Report on projects connected to Hydra M24 R PU Download
D13.10 Intermediate Standardisation Report M30 R CO Finished
D13.11 Intermediate standardisation report M42 R CO Finished
D13.12 Update exploitation strategy (implementation) M48 R CO Finished
D13.13 Report on scientific dissemination and incorporation of Hydra middleware in the real world application M52 R CO Finished

[1] Deliverable numbers in order of delivery dates: D1.1 D13.10

[2] Month in which the deliverables will be available. Month 0 marking the start of the project, all delivery dates relative to start date.

[3] The nature of the deliverable using one of the following codes: R = Report - P = Prototype - D = Demonstrator - O = Other

[4] The dissemination level using one of the following codes: PU = Public PP = Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services). RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services). CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).

About Hydra
The Hydra project is co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme in the area of Networked Embedded Systems under contract IST-2005-034891

On-line Demo

Why not see the on-line Hydrademo? You can turn on and off devices and follow the energy consumption in real time. Just click on the picture and you see it!

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