Ethics training material is now available
Posted by on 18 May 2010 23:10

A new course material for training in ethical considerations in the design of HYDRA enabled services and applications is now available for download. The training document will give the reader an overview of what ethics are and why ethics in ICT are important. Moreover, it defines the main ethical problems related to ICT development (especially in relation to healthcare and assistive ICTs), and provides the reader with a method of to identify ethical issues.

The course material is aimed at software developers who will gain an insight into the potential ethical dilemmas embedded in the design of ICT services and applications. However, anyone with an interest in the ethics of ICT may benefit from this course material.

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The material is divided into three steps: 1) an introduction to ethics, 2) definition and analysis of the main ethical issues in ICTs focusing on ICTs in healthcare, and 3) a case study. The case study is intended to illustrate the kind of ethical issues at stake at the end-user stage by using probing questions. This method helps to not only identify the ethical issues but also whether these have been satisfactorily addressed in the development and design process of a given technology.

The ethical issues that are dealt with in the training material include design and usability, privacy and data protection, surveillance and autonomy, and informed consent.

Download the ethics training document here