Watch a demonstration of the Hydra middleware
Posted by on 08 May 2010 13:48
As the Hydra project is coming to an end the projectís aims and objectives are being realised. Demonstrating the applicability and functionalities of the Hydra middleware is of high priority and the project has therefore participated in various workshops, conferences and other events across the world. But now it is also possible to watch a demonstration of the Hydra middleware on YouTube.
Extended News
Four videos are available which demonstrate some of the possibilities of the Hydra middleware:

Energy Efficiency
This video shows a demonstration of the The HydraGizer Energy Efficiency Demonstrator at CeBIT 2010 in Hannover. An Android-Phone, iPhone and a summary GUI are used to show the current energy consumption of different common household appliances instantly. Watch the video here.

In this healthcare scenario, the Hydra middleware makes it possible to integrate heterogeneous devices to a complex network thus optimising home healthcare services and self-management. Wacth the video here.

Home automation
A demonstration of how the Hydra middleware can be used to integrate virtual services an physical devices. Watch the video here. Home scenario A video of the demonstration of the Hydra middleware at CeBIT 2008. Watch the video here.